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Inside a Boot Factory by Sylvia Pankhurst
Previous comments from schools


Downside School, Nr Bath

Father A. Bellenger: Many thanks again for your performance ... I hope you will come again.


Cranborne Chase School, Nr Shaftsbury

Mrs Simmons: The performance was much enjoyed ... hope you will visit us again.


Downe House School, Newbury

Miss Farr: Wonderful show ... Our girls all enjoyed it very much indeed ... a most enjoyable evening for everyone.


Sidcot School, Sidcot

Mr Greenfield: The evening has made quite an impact ... let us know about new productions that you may stage.


Royal School, Bath

Dr McClure: Splendid performance.


Abbey Wood School, London

Ms Canavan: The class enjoyed it very much ... a valuable experience.


St Swithun’s School, Winchester

Mrs Johnston (1988): Full and convincing picture of Sylvia with so much detailed and new background, beautifully illustrated. We were very impressed and inspired with a most sensitive professional performance.

(1991): Very good feedback from all classes [including 11 year olds].

Richard Pankhurst, Sylvia's son:

I found it to be well researched and a sensitive portrayal of my mother as a young woman and artist, and although I have not been able to see a performance myself I have had excellent reports from those who did see it. The theatre company she worked with were eager to photograph Sylvia Pankhurst’s art from originals rather than copy them from other reproductions. The play was successful and may well have been influential in reviving interest in Sylvia Pankhurst’s work since it toured to schools and colleges and was therefore seen by a new generation.


Susan Homewood (

Wonderful, uplifting … so many people excited and inspired.


Leighton Park School, Reading

Mr Bayley: A dramatic yet scholarly presentation.


St Bernards Boys’ School, Bethnal Green

Mr Nicholson: The boys loved it.


Comments from audience members 2015

Simone Vause, original director:

A wonderful triumph … a great audience who knew they were seeing something very special.


Siân Williams, Master of Dance, Globe Theatre:

A vibrant and enlightening evening, enthusiastic audience.


Angela Escott, biographer of Hannah Cowley, eighteenth century playwright:

A very powerful evening.


Irene Cockroft, suffragette historian:

The audience was captivated throughout.


Member of audience overheard in interval:

Wonderful performance


Roger Gartland, actor:

Terrific show !  wonderful research and integrity. 
It was a performance to be at.


Joan Ashworth, former Head of the Animation Department at London's Royal College of Art

It was wonderful to see your play and I found it very moving. You portrayed Sylvia with such energy and verve. And I really enjoyed your use of slides.


Chiltern Open Air Museum:

TweetSo proud to have hosted Sylvia the play today. Fantastic performance thank you so much.

Tommy (aged 9): I love Sylvia Pankhurst.


Christina Hicks, Poole:

Sylvia was well worth the trip to Havant; I urge fellow Townswomen to see this production ... a unique and exciting combination of drama and poetry with the visual arts, the story ... in words and pictures (letter to The Townswoman, magazine of the Townswomen’s Guild).


History and Social Sciences Teachers Centre, London

Kate Moorse: Your performance really rounded the day off well.


The Citadel, St. Helens

Miss E. Helliwell: Both very entertaining and informative ... much enjoyed your performance.


Flitwick Library

Ms Slack: Performance of great interest to our audience.


Prof Angela John, London:

Very much enjoyed your performance and the terrific slides.


F.I.L.E.F. (Italian Community Centre), LondonElisa: The people enjoyed it a lot ... quite amazing.


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