Other performers with shows of interest

Photograph of Tayo Aluko

Tayo Aluko is a Nigerian-born singer and actor who currently performs two one-man shows:

Kate Willoughby
Kate Willoughby. Photo © William Alderson 2018

Kate Willoughby is an actress and writer, who has written and performs the following plays:

Lucy Stevens
Lucy Stevens. Photo © William Alderson 2018

Lucy Stevens is an actress and writer, who is currently performing:

Roger Gartland
Roger Gartland

Roger Gartland is an actor and director who worked in repertory theatre, at the National Theatre, and then created Not the National Theatre with others from the NT. His one-man shows go under the name Solo Ventures, and include:

Simone Vause
Simone Vause. Photo © William Alderson 2018

Simone Vause is a director who specialises in character work, and has worked on theatre, opera and dance productions. For Lynx, she directed the first performances of SylviaRebels and Friends and May Days.

Siân Williams
Sian Williams

Siân Williams is a choreographer with her own dance company, The Kosh. She is Master of Dance at The Globe Theatre in London, and choreographed the BBC's drama series Wolf Hall. She choreographed Lynx's new production of Rebels and Friends.