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Sylvia spring tour 2018

Below are some of the comments we have received during our 2018 tour:


Anonymous comments *

  • Excellent! More of this please.

  • Fabulous! And inspirational.

  • Really brought Sylvia to life. I liked the format and the breadth of coverage - I had no idea of the extent of S.P.’s activities and talents before.

  • Brilliant performance. Could hear every word. It was very humbling to hear of the struggle, life and times, sacrifices made from every class of person involved. The slides were a brilliant accompaniment.

V Edgell

  • Brilliant – very impressed that so much information could be put into such a compact performance

Christine C Fleming

  • I liked the combination of the good acting and screen pictures of the original times, people and Sylvia’s paintings.  A very good and informative afternoon.

Sian Bury

  • Great and interesting play - good performance.   Enjoyed it.

V D Ivison

  • I was the first woman in the North West to be head of a big mixed comprehensive school in 1974. I’ve been retired for almost 30 years.  What a pity!  You would most certainly have been working in my school.  Well done!


See also our review in Counterfire.



  • Excellent.  Going away with such an even higher respect for the suffragettes and what they achieved.  I did not know that Sylvia was an Artist.


P Walker

  • Thank you for bringing theatre to smaller communities.

Anonymous comments *

  • Worth seeing and relevant today.

  • Most impressed by the combination of slides and dialogue.  Amazing performance.

  • Very enjoyable and engaging. Great format and very interesting performance.

  • It was a fascinating account of Sylvia’s skill as an artist and her determination to improve the lives off the poor and of women. I had not realised that she was such an accomplished artist,  A wonderful production, captivating monologue and I liked the visual aids.


Anonymous comments *

  • Wonderful celebration of the women's achievements.

  • Excellent portrayal of Sylvia and other characters mentioned in the play.

  • Very engaging and informative.

  • ​A warm and personal feel to Sylvia’s personality – such a free thinking and fascinating person. Also I hadn’t realised just how barbarically they were treated.

 * Please note that we do not require people to give their name when commenting

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