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Sylvia spring tour 2017

Below are some of the comments we have received during our 2017 tour:


•  Louise Cook, teacher

Fabulous – a perfect combination of words and pictures.


•  Caroline Heaver

Pitched at the right level. Wonderful slides and reflection of social history of that time. Not too heavy. Emotional but controlled. Very enjoyable and informative. Well done.



Helen Murrell

Fantastic. Really educational and poignant. It is shocking that nearly 100 years later women’s and working class men’s interests are not being served by Parliament and the semblance of our “democracy”.


Bernadette Askins

It was interesting and challenging. I knew nothing about Sylvia Pankhurst and was very moved to learn about how brave she was. And how committed to her cause. Jacqueline’s performance was fantastic – so well written and delivered. The photographs were well chosen.


Tony Dowling

Excellent performance and very comprehensive content considering short duration.


Ann Enna

Very enjoyable discussion adding further insight into S.P.’s life and local info from local audience.


Anonymous comments *

Brilliant, very imaginative.


Presented a lot of information in a very easy to listen to format.


An authentic and compelling performance and evening.



Anonymous comments *

Excellent, informative and thought-provoking. People who choose not to exercise their right to vote should be reminded of this!


Really brought Sylvia to life.


I enjoyed it and learnt a lot about the Pankhurst family. For instance, I never knew she (Sylvia) was such an accomplished artist and gave it up to concentrate on her political activism. Very well performed too!


Darja Davidova

The performance was great – amazing acting, informative content. Perfect. It is very important to know about the struggle of the suffragettes and the impact they’ve made.


Nicole Smith, school student

Really interesting. I ended up buying Katherine Connelly’s biography and Jacqueline Mulhallen’s Shelley biography.


Sue Dockett, Secretary, Wisbech & March District Trades Union Council

Should be in every school so that young people understand why they should use the vote.


Rix Outis

I loved this performance. Fascinating detail about her life, and thoughtfully acted. Educational and moving.


Louise Duckling

Great use of images and Sylvia Pankhurst’s art. Jackie tells Sylvia’s story with great economy, intelligence and passion. Highly informative and thought-provoking.


Tony O’Loughlin

Very informative. Should be brought to schools and clubs to make people more aware.

Cutting from Wigan Today about SYLVIA at the Museum of Wigan Life.

We also had a write-up on StaffsLive, describing the "packed" audience at Stoke-on-Trent for this "colourful account of Sylvia’s life".

Photograph of Jacqueline Mulhallen as Sylvia Pankhurst in SYLVIA at Stoke on Trent. © Thomas Hammersley

 * Please note that we do not require people to give their name when commenting

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