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Rebels and Friends


Photo by Jonathan O'Farrell

Comments from audience members (2019)


Hester Reeve, Reader in Fine Art, Sheffield Hallam University

The play was absolutely tremendous! I was so taken by the mix of politics and then being touched by the human thread of the relationship between the two women. I really loved the way that the images were constant throughout, it was such a treat to be able to experience all the research (and of course Constance’s incredible drawings). Thanks for a wonderful evening. 


David McAllister, (came from Berwick on Tweed to Newcastle)

The play 'Rebels and Friends' was excellent tonight. The story of the Gore- Booth sisters brings together class struggle, women's liberation and the fight for Irish independence along with plenty of music and poetry. Strongly recommended!

Deirdre O’Byrne, Middlesbrough

I loved this performance and was pleased to see so many people there.

Bernie Hanley, Bolton

People loved it.

Sue Dockett, Wisbech 

Thank you for a wonderful evening and superb play. Please thanks the actors and technician for a deeply moving performance.

Grainne Sheridan, Nottingham

I saw the play in Nottingham, great production, brilliant actors.

Jonathan Cooper, Bolton

Standing ovation at Nottingham ‘ Well deserved as well’

Stewart Halforty, People's Assembly, Nottingham

Brilliant production. 

Joan Ashworth, artist and film maker, London 

I enjoyed it very much. There is so much information packed in there and in the programme too. What a feat!

Louise Duckling, Women's Studies Group 1558-1837

I did really enjoy the play and learnt a great deal. I thought the combination of imagery, voice, dance, poetry and prose was quite magical and your actresses were super. The young actress was very good. 

Elaine Graham-Leigh, London

We really enjoyed the play. The dance elements with the poetry were particularly effective, we thought – they really expressed the sisters’ emotional landscape. 

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John Earls, Director of Research, Unite the Union

It was a privilege to have seen a preview performance (at my workplace!) of Lynx Theatre’s super revival of ‘Rebels and Friends’, Jacqueline Mulhallen’s play about Constance Markievicz and Eva Gore-Booth. It’s an imaginative and captivating production combining drama, documentary, poetry, dance, images and voices. I’m proud it’s being supported by Unite the Union.

Anonymous, Newcastle *

Authentic, stirring and poignant. Skilfully written, produced and performed. Worth braving a cold, rainy night on Tyneside to be there. We loved every minute. Thank you.

Jonathan O’Farrell, Leicester

Highly recommended; a play of immense contrasts, humour, tenderness and historical authenticity.

Jonathan Cooper, Bolton

A fantastic play and great performances from the girls. Well worth watching.

Sonia Beck (came from Swansea to London)  

You should feel very proud of Rebels. There are some really fine elements and you have a lovely cast.

Michael Merwitzer 

I really enjoyed the show last night – congratulations.

Sybil Gertrude Cock, London

Such a high standard production. Everyone I spoke to here absolutely loved it and were full of praise for it.


Éilis Carr, Middlesbrough 

 Stunningly good play. All the politics of today and 100 years ago. 

Angela Escott, Women's Studies Group 1558-1837

I enjoyed your play very much. And I know my friend Carol did too..

Miriam al Jamil, Women's Studies Group 1558-1837

I have lots to follow up on as I didn't know anything about these amazing women. I thought the play worked very well and the actresses were so well suited to the roles. The projected pictures made the events real and rooted in such a crucial period of history.

Sandy Mifsud, designer

“Revived to commemorate the centenary of the suffrage movement, Rebels and Friends research, script, casting, images, soundtrack, choreography and wardrobe created a cohesive context for the biography of two remarkable women. Empathy between the actresses playing the Irish sisters was warm and absorbing.

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