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What audiences said about ...

Rebels and Friends

Elizabeth McElmea
Jacqueline Mulhallen and Suzy Fry in Rebels and Friends
Theatre at its best
Comments from venues and audience members


Don Watson. Literature Officer of the Eastern Arts (1991):

Very ambtious and interesting ... I was encouraged by the way the audience took to such a complex work.


Honiton Festival, Devon

John Dalton, Chairman: We have heard nothing but compliments from those who were members of the audience.


Hall Green Library, Birmingham

Felicity Rock, Community Librarian: I’ve had very good feedback on the performance and we enjoyed having you ... Do let us know of any new productions in the future.


Elizabeth McElmea, Belfast:

The presentation was unique ... the actresses were superb.


Peter Burman, former Director of Conservation and Property Services of the National Trust, Scotland:

Brilliantly researched ... I was so totally gripped by it that I’d totally forgotten where I was.


Helen Sloane, Leeds:

Innate artistry - successfully conveyed true sisterhood - splendidly fast-moving scenes - I wouldn’t mind seeing it again.


Joan Gallagher, Sligo:

I was absorbed - the strong sisterly bond came through, along with the courage, fortitude and affection - a rewarding evening’s entertainment.


Alex Acheson, Leicester:

We did appreciate the intensity and flaming sincerity of your performance. 


Nuala O’Callaghan, Bristol:

We really enjoyed the play ... You’ve done a superb job.


Alice Lee, Honiton:

One of the most unusual plays I have ever seen, unique. The love and passion those two sisters possess comes over the footlights into our hearts ... I could see it again.


Harry Pyle, Warrington:

Brilliant ... casting particularly apt, Constance, strong, courageous was well done ... Congratulations on historical research ... Good luck.


Sheila Williams, Darwen:

Theatre at its best ... totally absorbed from beginning to end ... the beautiful way it was put together so that music, slides, poetry and spoken word became a whole ... Come again.


Comments from schools and colleges


St Mary’s College, Twickenham

Colm Power, Irish Studies Dept: Peformance much appreciated ... inform us of any relevant productions in the future.


Chiltern Edge School, Reading

David Robinson: Thoroughly enjoyed Rebels and Friends ... stimulating, ... extremely effective in your presentation.


History and Social Sciences Teachers Centre, London

Kate Moorse and Diana Hargreave: Enthralling. How wonderful to have a different perspective on those times.


Flaming sincerity
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