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Lynx Theatre and Poetry's aims

Jacqueline Mulhallen as Sylvia Pankhurst

"To promote, maintain, improve, and advance education by the encouragement of the arts, including the arts of drama, mime, dance, singing and music, the graphic arts including painting, photography and printing, the media including film and video"

(from the Memorandum of Association).   


Our aim is to introduce people of all ages to live performance and other arts

  • by producing new plays that incorporate music, dance, poetry and slides;

  • by running discussions, talks and workshops;

  • by producing exhibitions; and

  • by publishing books and videos. 


We shall continue to actively seek to blend foreign, minority and mainstream cultural ideas in our work, and to encourage recognition of the achievements of women, of those from ethnic minorities, and of the disabled.


We shall seek to maintain our balance of presenting our work

  • equally at schools and public venues;

  • at small community-based venues as well as those drawing from much larger catchment areas; and

  • to all ages from 11 year-olds to the elderly.  


We shall continue to offer opportunities for those who are talented but inexperienced to develop their skills.


We shall apply our equal opportunities policy to all our work.


We shall continue to pay our actors, technicians and others according to the rates agreed by the appropriate professional bodies.


Jacqueline Mulhallen in Rebels and Friends
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