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Reviews of

Rebels and Friends

The Morning Star online has posted a review of the 2019 production of Rebels and Friends, which toured the north of England.

The review  describes the play as


"expertly directed by William Alderson, who magically creates an entire era without props",


and notes that the play


"comes with superb timing, given how Brexit reminds us how little England remembers about the border it manufactured in Ireland".

The performances are powerfully evoked as

"an explosive sibling chemistry between Dolores Devaujany as Con and Marianne March as Eva, well choreographed by Sian Williams".

'Where men in office sit'

Photo of Marrianne March as Eva Gore-Booth and Delorès Devaujany as Constance Markievicz.

Photo by Richard Gary @rugfoot photo.

The Counterfire reviewer described "Lynx Theatre’s powerful performance ", as


"an unusual and imaginative production in that it incorporates and unites all the arts: poetry, art, music, dance and drama"

They added: 

"The two actors, Dolores Devaujany as Constance and Marianne March as Eva, extremely well cast and matched as sisters, delivered a tour-de-force duet of acting and dancing, beautifully choreographed by Sian Williams."

They summed up by stating that:

"William Alderson’s production was superb."


"Mulhallen brings to our attention vital aspects of a history that have been left out of, or erased from the public eye, and the part that these two remarkable women played in changing all of our lives."

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