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Raise a glass for Colin Shaw

Lynx Theatre and Poetry have lost a close friend and supporter in Colin Shaw, who died in March 2021.

Colin Shaw on the occasion of receiving the Etheldreda Medal Award in 2016. Photograph © William Alderson.
Colin Shaw with the Etheldreda Medal Award

Colin surprised and delighted us by spontaneously offering to become our press officer for our 2017 Sylvia tour – we would never have asked him to do so knowing what a very busy life he led.We learnt a lot from him, and we got good press coverage!

Colin worked on The Guardian for many years, and before that he worked as a journalist in France, the Middle East and Australia. Colin loved France but was always aware of issues of poverty, racism and war, and sought to alleviate these wherever he could.

He became a Cambridge councillor and a lay minister at St Mary the Virgin Church, Fen Ditton. He was involved in Cambridge charities Emmaus and Wintercomfort, and in 2016 he received the Etheldreda Medal Award for service to the community in the diocese of Ely.

Colin reading poetry as part of a Cambeidge Pub Poets event at St Mary the Virgin in 2017
Colin reading poetry at St Mary the Virgin

He published two collections of poetry, Pomes (1975) and A Word in your Beer (2011). He was the resident poet in a Cambridge pub, and a founder member of Cambridge Pub Poets, which he continued to organise. In this role found splendid venues for the readings and he was exceedingly encouraging and generous to new members, and those who were nervous about reading their poetry aloud in a crowded pub. Colin also loved music, and sang in a Cambridge choir, including performing Verdi’s Requiem.

Like so many others, we will miss Colin very much for his warmth, humour and sincerity, and we celebrate his achievements in a full and active life. We send our great sympathy to his wife, Stephie, who is one of the trustees, and the Treasurer, of Lynx Theatre and Poetry.

There will be a memorial service for Colin later in the year, when Covid restrictions are lifted.


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